Corporate Training

Strategic Planning (Sample)

Duration: 7 hours / 1 day
OpeningLecture• class opening talk • lecturer background
Course Framework • introduce course objectives and framework
Business Core ValueLecture Interaction • Organization core value  • Film watching
Mission and ObjectivesLecture Workshop (1)• Mission Statement • Corporate Mission & Objectives
 Coffee Break
Situation AnalysisLecture Workshop (2)• 5-Forces analysis • SWOT analysis • Film watching & discussion • Targeting the Future growth
Situation Analysis Workshop (3)• Corporate positioning and growth strategy
Lunch Break
Build up Shared VisionLecture Workshop (4)• what is a vision ? • Transit Objectives to Actions via Vision • build up group vision
OCOSA  Objective  Critical Success Factor  Obstacles  Strategy
Lecture Workshop (5) Lecture Workshop (6)  • OCOSA introduction • OCOSA deployment • Hoshin Plan w/ short film • Hoshin Verification  
 Coffee Break
Plan Implementation    Lecture    • Implication and execution of KPI • Finace Focus • Customer Focus • Workflow Focus • Development Focus • Human Resource Focus
 PreparationCoffee Break
Share VisionGroup Presentation• group presentation
EndingLecture• key learning summary

Business Simulation Game Provides Training of Practical Skills

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